Ten years ago, my best friend - someone who achieved a relative degree of notoriety in the technology world - took his own life at the age of 25. Exactly why he or #AaronSw did it is beside the point. What I wanted to say today is that kids that choose to create technology are often drawn by the ability to make machines do what they want and by the ability to explore outside of the confines of what's accepted by groups they feel no link to. Yes, plenty of people who have no trouble getting others to do their bidding become software engineers, too, and plenty of those who have trouble establishing social connections choose other activities besides programming, but it nonetheless feels like an appropriate moment to say - be nice to people who choose to create technology. Let them take risks without fear of ending up in the equivalent of 18th century debtor's prisons. This is not about giving a free pass to those who use technology to do harm, but about giving the latitude to explore to those who choose to dedicate their life to exploration. Their efforts often seem anti-social, but what they are doing is exploring beyond our limited horizons.